Best Practices Tools and Reports

BPТools are instruments, developed by Concepta BP for analysing and improvement of human resources management practices of its clients.

The Best Practices Reports /BPReports/ are developed in two main areas:

  2. BPReport BEST PRACTICES ANALYSES (inlcudes the reports below):

2.1. BPReport Analyses of organisational structure 

2.2. BPReport Analyses of competency models

2.3. BPReport Analyses of reward structure

2.4.  BPReport Analyses of bonus schemes

BPReports include all main moments of development to application of the analysed practice, in three main areas:

STRATEGY AND POLICY – WHY companies do this: strategy, policies, procedures, aims, application and range

PRACTICES – WHAT are the companies doing: what kind of practices apply in the area and how

TECHNOLOGIES – HOW the companies do this, what instruments they use, what technologies they apply

In March, 2017 and Concepta started a campaign for inviting companies to participate in the development of the Best Practices Reports/ BPReports. On 16 th of May, 2017 the reports and participation were presented on a meeting.  More information about the meeting and the reports: